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July 24, 2015
BY: Sheila Markesteyn
Orange Park, FL


LOOK NO FURTHER. THESE GUYS ARE THE BEST DEAL IN TOWN AND THEY TOTALLY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! I purchased three foreclosure properties recently, and they needed new roofs and a whole lot of tree removal, stump grinding, and trimming etc. So, of course I did my homework and had four companies come out and give me bids for all of the work that needed to be done at all three properties. All of the companies were highly rated on Angie's list. One guy had a bid that was about $1,000 less, but he was recommending to only trim a few major branches from the MONSTER tree that was only about 10 feet away from the house. This MONSTER tree was very old, and dropping a lot of debris on the roof and I knew it was aging out, and would eventually need to be removed totally. So ultimately trimming that tree for $1,000 and then later having to remove it for $2,000 would have been a waste of $1,000. One guy who came out to bid the work was clearly insecure about his ability to do the job, and would have had to rent a bucket truck, and told me it would be my responsibility to remove the fence and reinstall it so he could get the bucket truck in place. This totally insecure guy gave me a verbal quote of $11,550, and so I told him not to bother with sending a written estimate by email. The others took up to a week to get me a written quote by email. Save yourself the hassle and just go with MAC'S TREE SERVICE, a decades old family business owned by the father, with one son out giving estimates, and the other son up in the trees. THIS WAS MY EXPERIENCE WITH MAC"S TREE SERVICE. They got me the written estimate, and showed up on the designated day at about 9:00 AM at the MONSTER tree house. They had a MASSIVE amount of equipment including a bucket truck, huge stump grinder, bobcat, and dump truck with extension arm that picks up the limbs and loads them into the dump truck. There was one guy in the bucket truck, and about three or four guys on the ground operating all of the other equipment and huge ropes. They really know what they are doing when it comes to bringing down a MONSTER tree and huge branches etc. I felt totally confident watching them do their work and was totally impressed with the teamwork and efficiency with which they operate. After they finished at house number one, they moved on to the second house and repeated the same efficiency there. They were wonderful about accommodating my requests when it came to removing excess overgrowth at this property. When that was done it was on to the third house which needed the least amount of work. While they had scheduled two days, they could see that if they kept on going, they could get it all done in one day. They worked through rain showers and all, and finished up at about 7:30 PM. THEY ARE AWESOME, AND ARE NOW MY GO TO TREE GUYS. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS EFFICIENT FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED BUSINESS.


July 8, 2014
BY: Emily Brandel
Jacksonville, FL


A WONDERFUL JOB - Seven very large trees (pines, oak) were cut down, stumps ground and debris removed. The area in which they had to work was small, with obstacles in the way, so it was not an easy job to do. They were a very professional crew who worked diligently. I have great confidence in their abilities and would gladly use their services again!

March 29, 2014
BY: Jean Cornelison
Fleming Island, FL


I have been using this company for years.  These young men do an excellent job.  This visit they trimmed 5 fruit trees and 4 palm trees.  They also removed 2 trees and even ground the roots.  They removed every branch and twig from my property.  You can't ask for better service. They did a wonderful job. This company is OUTSTANDING!!!

August 2, 2013
BY: Anita Smith
Macclenny, FL


They gave me a date and time, showed up promptly with sufficient equipment to get the job done. They were professional and well trained in their craft. They were pleasant and willing to answer any questions and make suggestions on future needs. They even trimmed up some old limbs on other trees that were not specified in the initial price without charge. They came, were quick and did an excellent job. Service provided was above and beyond what most companies provide these days.  I would use them again and would not hesitate to refer them to anyone that needed tree service.

September 1, 2012
BY: Cristina May
Orange Park, FL


 Had a big tree not in a good place afraid it would fall on my house. Had a few estimates and needed it taken down right away. Most quoted high and they came down when I said no thank you. Other said they couldn’t do it for 3 weeks. Mac came out quoted a price that the others came down to. Mac's also agreed to trim some other trees for me. They cut down the tree I was worried about plus pulled up a palm tree and cut up a small holly tree that I didn't care for. Trimmed my pear tree. Only thing I can say was a little upset about is my back yard where the tree was, was pretty wet and got tore up pretty good when they cut up the tree and hauled it away, but that couldn't be helped

April 30, 2012
BY: Lynn Morgan
Orange Park, FL

They did a great job. I liked their general attitude. They were very nice. I was very impressed. They cut down seven or eight trees in our neighbor’s house. I went over there and they came back with me and said that they would get to it later or if not the next day and they got to it later that afternoon. Their machine broke down. They are supposed to come back and grind up the stump. They burnt up the grinder. The price was excellent. In fact, they were around $600 cheaper than the last person I had used. One of the workers actually climbed up my roof and cleaned up the gutters. The quality of their work, their responsiveness, punctuality and professionalism were excellent.

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